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ePages Now is our platform’s new product generation. From today, you can experience the new shop version yourself and provide us your feedback – helping us to enhance it even further. Register today and test ePages Now.

Put simply, this is ePages Now

ePages Now follows a simple idea: “Everybody should be able to sell products online, everywhere”. The shop set-up and the entire selling process will be easier than ever. The shop software is designed to cover all common scenarios and to deliver the best user experience for all devices without additional effort.


Very easy shop setup

The new editor makes content creation and designing your shop so easy and enjoyable. Based on predesigned themes you can easily edit and place copy text, images and videos into the right positions. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, every merchant can create an inspiring shopping environment and present a compelling product story.


User friendly and seamless with responsive design

69% of e-commerce transactions are now made through smartphones or tablets. Just as Google follows the “mobile first” principle, our responsive design adjusts automatically to the end-user device throughout the entire shopping process. Thus, the shop is always displayed in an optimal fashion.


Easy shop administration

The entire merchant administration panel has been re-engineered in order to make the handling of products, sales channels and orders as efficient as possible. Products can be set up in a flash.

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Please be aware that the feature scope will be continuously extended during the following weeks, and due to technical updates, the platform may be subject to temporary errors. This means that this demo version is not suitable for live retail usage.

FAQ – answers to most anticipated questions for partners and existing ePages merchants

General Questions

ePages Now is the newest ePages product generation which will be the successor to the current product, ePages 6. ePages Now is a cloud-based software targeted at small and medium sized businesses. Other product variants to be used for the enterprise segment will further exist. These can be used as standalone solutions.

ePages Now features a completely re-engineered shop editor, with which users can create websites with a responsive design. While the predecessor product, ePages 6, was already optimized for mobile devices, ePages Now goes a step further: Every design automatically adapts to any mobile device, which improves the user experience. The administration area has been completely revised to be more intuitive. The on-boarding of new customers has been simplified greatly.

The general feature use cases are similar to those of the previous version ePages 6, but in many places they are now designed to be more user-friendly.

An automatic update from ePages 6 to ePages Now is not intended. However, we will in time provide a migration assistance tool which will support merchants to change to ePages Now.

The design of ePages Now shops has been fundamentally changed, meaning the previous shop-designs (formerly known as templates, now called themes) cannot be automatically assigned to new ePages Now themes. Therefore, merchants need to decide themselves which ePages Now theme is the most suitable for their needs before then configuring it. Data of the shop, such as product descriptions or order data, can be taken over from an existing shop via export and import, so that this data does not have to be recreated.

ePages will continuously support ePages 6. If there are changes, features will be adapted accordingly. However, we will not develop totally new features for ePages 6. During the course of 2019, we will begin to gradually discontinue the support for ePages 6 because we anticipate that all relevant customers by then will use the new version.

On an information page we will document the necessary information about ongoing development, so every merchant can decide individually when a migration would be feasible and opportune. During 2017, together with our partners, we will provide an easy to use tool for migration to ePages Now. Thus, we recommend to merchants to wait until then for a migration.

Alternatively, merchants can switch to ePages Now manually by newly setting up their shop. ePages Now features a modern front-end with a responsive design that is adapted for every device. For this reason, it is not possible for the design of an ePages 6 shop to be adopted automatically. Data of the shop – such as product descriptions and order data, can be carried over from an existing shop via export and import.

ePages Now is designed to provide merchants a good ranking in search engines. This includes a modern URL structure. Like in every website relaunch, a migration from ePages 6 to ePages Now may result in short-term changes to the Google ranking of a shop. One reason is that Google has to index the pages once again. We are minimizing the potential impact of this, for example, with the use of redirects. If an existing shop is using short URLs, these will be adopted.

ePages Now features an innovative theming concept for online shops with a responsive design. This is the reason why there is no compatibility with the old theme concept. However, every merchant should be able to choose a theme comparable to their existing theme from among the ePages Now themes available at launch. Initially, all ePages Now themes will be free of charge and chargeable themes will be introduced later. Customers who already bought a theme for ePages 6 in the Theme Store will receive a coupon with which to claim a new ePages Now theme.

ePages merchants can view the version number of their shop by visiting the Help page in the administration area. The new product generation is called 7.x - ePages Now while the predecessor version is marked as 6.17.54 - ePages Base. The previous version will be maintained moving forward - hence, the version number will change approximately every 3 weeks.

Feature Scope

ePages Now provides online merchants with everything they need to be successful in the ever changing ecommerce landscape. In comparison to ePages 6, there are huge improvements in terms of usability. These include the re-engineered shop editor, better URL structures, a responsive design which adapts to all devices and many other usability improvements. Some existing features of ePages 6 will not be part of ePages Now, because there are apps for these functions. An example would be the newsletter function. This has been discontinued for ePages Now, but there are several newsletter apps that merchants can choose. This way, every merchant can compile exactly the apps and functions that they require. To ensure many apps, we created a very well documented interface (Rest API) with which app developers can access our core services and create new apps.

In addition, there were a number of features only used by a tiny fraction of merchants (far less than 1%). Some of these features have been discontinued. This has improved the usability of the administration area.

Details can be found here of some features that will no longer be available in ePages Now.

During the launch phase of ePages Now, there may be some restriction of the scope of features offered - in order to launch the most important features first. For this reason, it is not possible at present to give a general recommendation of when existing customers should switch to the new product. During the course of 2017, we will conduct new releases every 3 weeks, which will contain the remaining features.

ePages Now is being developed continually to offer our merchants the latest features to succeed in ecommerce. In the next couple of months ePages Now will be extended with these features:

  • 4 additional themes, so that 6 themes with a total number of 18 different styles will be available
  • Coupons
  • Setting up a minimum order value
  • Facetted search
  • Product bundles
  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Customer management, registration and login
  • Cross-selling
  • Product ratings
  • Editing themes via HTML and CSS (by uploading and downloading a theme)
  • Theme Store for premium themes

Due to the agile development of our software, this list may be subject to change.

ePages is working closely together with all of our technology partners to make the transition to ePages Now as seamless as possible. Almost all apps will be available for ePages Now.

As with ePages 6, ePages Now supports 15 languages. At the launch, however, there will be only one language available per shop. Merchants who wish to offer their shop in more than one language are kindly requested to wait a few months until this feature is once again available.

Testing ePages Now

You can register today to test ePages Now and provide your valuable feedback via a questionnaire or our feedback forum.

Please contact your account manager or our sales team.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback. You can email us under now@epages.com.