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ePages Multistore: A network of subshops with their own administration

For wholesalers, manufacturers and franchisers who want to create, optimise or adapt their reseller, affiliate or franchisee network.


Are you looking for new distribution channels? Would you like to optimise the e-commerce activities of your network of resellers? ePages Multistore is the first online platform that enables a network of online shops with their own administration connected to a centrally managed product database. ePages Multistore allows wholesalers to provide their retailers pre-configured, easy-to-use subshops where the defined information is automatically synchronised. 

Our e-commerce platform can be adapted to different business models because of its flexibility. The customisation of your project is assured by the platform configuration or via customisable development.


Benefits of ePages Multistore

Get a shop network with ERP integration: aligned and optimised processes

As a wholesaler or a manufacturer, you are probably using an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) which centralises your orders, customer and product information. With ePages Multistore, you won´t have to double work on this information as an integration is available with the main ERP´s (Sage, SAP, etc.). So, every online shop in the network can offer up-to-date information on inventories synchronised with the manufacturer´s ERP.


“Automation is the key to success in online wholesaling. ePages enables you to standardise your merchants’ e-commerce platforms. This eliminates the time-consuming integration of individual platforms in your ERP.”
explains Wilfried Beeck, CEO von ePages.

Set up your individual sales network

Efficiently manage several online sales channels by offering your products to various resellers, according to your exact business strategy. For example, shops with orders in drop-shipping or independent E-retail shops. You, as the wholesaler, do not need to choose between models. Your individual solution will be customised to your requirements.

Get the most out of all sales channels

ePages Multistore, allows you to ensure not only that the product information posted online by your reseller network is accurate and up-to-date, but also that subshops satisfy corporate-identity specifications. Displaying your products on different online shops will allow you to highly increase your visibility and even enter different markets and new customer groups. Thanks to localised features, this visibility can be extended to your offline shops.

Allow your resellers to swiftly get a professional online shop

Your resellers will appreciate the quick availability of ePages. In just a few steps, a new subshop is created. Resellers drag and drop product data from the central database, administrate the subshop, and modify it themselves. They will benefit from an expanded product portfolio, a state of the art online shop and do not need to worry about programming, installation, updates or maintenance. The employees of ePages will handle all of that for you and your resellers.

Use all available ePages features to maximise your network success

Implement an e-commerce platform that enables your reseller to easily run an online shop complete with up to 15 languages, search engine optimisation, professional design and optimised for Tablets and Smartphones. Your reseller will get regular updates and benefit from ePages collaborations with more than 60 technology partners, such as online market places, price comparison sites, payment providers and ERP vendors. More than 140,000 merchants already use ePages products – your partner can too.


Implement various e-commerce business models thanks to ePages Multistore

ePages Multistore make a variety of business models possible. One major difference concerns the processing of orders.



You can choose or combine for example:


E-retail approach

You are creating an independent network of shops where orders are processed by your resellers. They manage their own stock and sell goods from a central catalogue.

Drop-shipping approach

As for drop-shipping, the order fulfilment is directly processed from the master shop so as to guarantee full control of your sales and network.

E-retail models for independent shops

Design: 100% customisableProducts: External products can be added depending on business rules
Orders: Can be processed and shipped by primary or satellite shopsFeatures: International marketplace and extensive marketing tools

E-retail models for franchisees

Design: One single template for all franchise shopsProducts: External products can be added depending on business rules
Orders: Can be transferred from primary or satellite shopsFeatures: Franchisers specify checkout and payment methods

Standard drop-shipping as additional sales channel

Design: Customisable templatesProducts: Only from the master product database
Orders: Drop-shipping is carried out by the primary online shopFeatures: Limited marketing toolsMiscellaneous: Commission-based

Long tail online shops as virtual store windows for your product database

Design: Fully or partially customisable
Products: Only from the master product database
Orders: The checkout process takes place in the primary online shop which drop-ships the purchasesFeatures: Subshops offer marketing tools, but no payment methods
Miscellaneous: Managed internally or externally


Vicma, an ePages Multistore customer, launches pilot project

A thousand new customers in five months and a thousand orders every month. Thanks to the new platform, our distributors were able to easily expand their selection of products and now spend less time administering their online shops. ePages marketing tools helped us to enhance our market position and carve out a niche in e-commerce. We are especially happy about the link between online shops and SAP Business One. It means, after all, that we finally have the perfect process for selling,” says Christel Tudela, CEO of Industrías Vicma.

ePages Multistore customer: Vicma

Installing your Multistore to succeed at online wholesaling

No two sales networks are quite the same. Your solution is every bit as unique. Your Multistore system can be fully customised and integrated within existing IT environments. ePages partners take care of the development, setup, hosting, application management of your platform, upgrades and maintenance. Once everything has been set up, your merchants can create their own online shops – quickly and without any programming experience. They can just register online, set up their shop, administrate things and begin to sell.


Simply contact us for an offer tailored to your requirements.

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Do you have different requirements of your online shop?

Every online merchant will find suitable online shop software at ePages. Start off with our bundle for newcomers. If you feel the need, you can always upgrade to a more sophisticated product. We are prepared for anything.


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